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Journeys: Torah & Concluding Service

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Grades 3-7      Journeys Through the Siddur is a prayer track designed for grades 3-7 students. It consists of four volumes, each with 22-24 lessons that are easy to complete. The lessons have a clear and structured format, making them simple to use.

 A Classroom and Home Workbook and Apps are available for ongoing drills and mastery to reinforce learning during the week. The series is organized by the time of the prayer service, with volumes dedicated to Friday Evening, Shabbat Morning, Torah & Concluding Service, and Shabbat.

Each prayer comes with the following:

  • An introduction that sets the prayer's theme and locates it in the structure of the Siddur.
  • A drill text and translation that is a source for the unit.
  • Key roots that build a language connection.
  • Practice sounding out keywords and phrases to help build fluency.
  • The opportunity to translate a short portion of the prayer builds a further language connection.
  • A story that offers an insight into the prayer's spiritual meaning.

    A collection of materials supports each volume.

    • PrayerTech on-line.
    • A page-for-page Teacher's Guide with insights, background, and activities.
    • A Classroom Workbook filled with additional activities and drill opportunities.
    • Vocabulary Posters and  Flashcards to work with the language elements in this curriculum.

      Torah service prayers included are

      1. Being at Mt. Sinai
      2. Beginning the Torah Service
      3. The Ark is Opened
      4. Taking the Torah out of the Ark
      5. Torah Blessings
      6. Mi she-Berakh
      7. V’Zot ha-Torah
      8. Haftarah Blessings
      9. Returning the Torah to the Ark
      10. Aleinu
      11. Kaddish
      12. Ein K’Eloheinu
      13. Adon Olam
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        Journeys: Torah & Concluding Service

        $14.95 USD

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