Lshon Ha Kodesh

Torah Aura is making its Online Primer, part of the PrayerTech app, available to you to practice the Hebrew you are learning in class. The app is free to use and corresponds with our textbook, L’Shon Ha-Kodesh. 

Below are instructions for downloading the PrayerTech and logging in to use the Online Primer program. 

Downloading the Free App. You can download PrayerTech onto Windows or Mac Computers, Chromebooks, Android tablets or phones, iPads or iPhones. If you are downloading it to a phone, please make sure the screen is large enough to read Hebrew.  

  • For iPhones or iPads, Go to the Apple app store. 
  • For Mac computers go to the Mac app store on your Mac. 
  • For Chromebooks (must have touch screen), Android phones, or tablets, go to the Play Store. 
  • For Windows Computers, go to the Windows store on your device. 

Login to PrayerTech

The username is lshon.
The password is kodesh.

If you are having problems you can contact me at