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Circle of Jewish Life

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Grades: 4-7    Circle of Jewish LIfe contains texts and activities. It enters areas where you need to go, ones that you’ve never had a resource for before conversion, adoption, divorce, the meaning of growing old, and more. The book is rich in Jewish texts, stories, and opportunities to learn the Jewish lifecycle's vocabulary and enter into its concepts. Make meaning out of the Jewish Life cycle! 

The Circle of Jewish Life

  • Empower students to meaningfully participate in the broad range of Jewish lifecycle events. 

  • Every chapter includes traditional texts, full scripts of lifecycle ceremonies, art projects, and stories.

  • Focus on the diversity of Jewish life, with elements that address adoption, divorce, gay marriage, and mourning.

  • Chapters on lifelong Jewish learning, aging, and conversion push learning about the Jewish lifecycle beyond Brit milah, b’nai mitzvah, and weddings.

Lifecycle is important because it is where our students will encounter Judaism in real life. They will all celebrate weddings, have a bar or bat mitzvah, and face funerals. In those moments, the Jewish tradition can be a rich resource and make a difference. For that to happen, they need two things: (1) They need to know the dance steps. That includes knowing the names, prayers, rituals, and vocabulary associated with a particular lifecycle event. But also (2) they need to have a sense of its meaning, of the values it actualizes, of the way it connects the Eternal to real-life experience. The Circle of Jewish Life is the only lifecycle resource enabling both. This is a Lifecycle book for the new millennium that describes Jewish life in how our students experience it. The book is divided into the following sections:

  • The Circle of Life Birth: Entering the Covenant

  • Family

  • Torah Events

  • Marriage

  • Growing Old

  • Death

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Circle of Jewish Life

$19.95 USD

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