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Building Jewish Life: Beginnings

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Grades: Kindergarten -1   Each Building Jewish Lief Beginnings packet includes twenty-four student lessons and eight family/home lessons; the list of lessons is at the bottom of the page.

BJL Beginnings

  • Comprehensive resource for teaching young learners about Jewish holidays, symbols, values, and rituals

  • Colorful illustrations, engaging text, and interactive activities

  • 24 full-color student folders and eight parent folders

  • Perfect for kindergarten or first-grade teachers

  • Introduces students to the celebratory aspects of home, family, synagogue, and community

  • Talks about God 

  • Matches each Jewish celebration to a Hebrew letter via a keyword

  • Invites parents to participate in celebrations at home

  • Provides teachers with consistent lesson plans that allow for maximum teacher individuality and creativity

Benefits for Teachers:

  • Consistent lesson plans

  • Flexibility to adapt lessons to their teaching style and creativity

  • Colorful and engaging materials that invite student and family involvement and participation

Benefits for Students:

  • Fun and transformative learning experience

  • Develop language skills

  • Explore the richness of Jewish holiday traditions

  • Learn about God and Hebrew letters

  • Connect with their families and community through Jewish celebrations

Share the excitement! When you are excited about BJL Beginnings, your students will be too.
Make it a community experience! BJL Beginnings is a great way to help students develop a sense of community. Encourage them to share their stories and experiences.

 BJL Beginnings includes the following lessons:  


Ha-Motzi/Birkat ha-Mazon—BET (Brakhah)

Rosh ha-Shanah—SHIN (Shofar)

Tzedakah—TZADE (Tzedakah)

Yom Kippur—TET (Tallit)

Tu B'shvat—AYIN (Eitz)

Sukkot—LAMED (Lulav)

Jews Around the World—KUF (Kehillah)

Simhat Torah— DALET (Degel)

Lifetime of Study—RESH (Rav)

Sefer Torah—TAV (Torah)

Purim—VAV (Vashti)

Beit K'nesset—KAF (Kippah)


Shabbat—NUN (Nerot)

Passover—SAMEKH (Seder)



Havdalah—HEY (Havdalah)

Israel—YUD (Yerushalayim)


Being a Mensch—GIMEL (Gimlut Hasadim)


Family Values@Home

Saying the Shema—ALEF (Ehad)

Mitzvah—PEY (Pri)

Mezuzah—MEM (Mezuzah)

Shavuot—ZAYIN (Z'man)

Hanukkah—Het (Hanukkiyah)

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    Building Jewish Life: Beginnings

    $16.95 USD

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