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PrayerTech for: Mac, Android, IOS and Windows

Check out the App!

Install the app on the device you are using by going to the: Apple app store, Android play store or the Microsoft Store.

Want to find out how to get your school started with PrayerTech just call 800-BE-TORAH  (800-238-6724) or email

You can use the links below to go to the correct app store to install the app on your device. 



Once you have installed the app log into te student app with the user name prayer and password prayer (all lower chase).

The app is free for students to use. 

See the school licensing information below.

There is no charge for guides.

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PrayerTech is an online prayer program designed to help students master the mechanics of prayer (reading drill, building and reinforcing roots, vocabulary and language elements) anywhere, anytime. Our goal for PrayerTech was to create a flexible program that will allow your classes to spend less time on drill and more time on kavannah.

PrayerTech works to

  • enhances students’ fluency.
  • build and reinforce prayer vocabulary
  • build and reinforce root recognition.
  • build and reinforce language elements.
  • address oral, aural & visual skills.
  • reinforce the structure of prayers.
  • help you teach your synagogue’s liturgy.

With PrayerTech you choose the prayers and the exercises your students will work on.

PrayerTech can be used as

  • a stand-alone self-study resource.
  • an expansion of how a teacher teaches.
  • a reinforcement (at home or at school—or both) to any prayer study system, curriculum, or methodology.
  • a perfect companion in class or as homework for prayer study curricula.

One Month is $1.25
Two Months is $2.45
Three Months is $3.95
Five  Months is $6.00
Ten Months with 2 additional months free is $11.95