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Write Stuff: Song of Songs

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Grades: 6-Adult With Write Stuff lessons you can bring some serious text study of the books of K'tuvim to the classroom. These five lessons combine historical and/or literary overviews with segments of the biblical text shaped for classroom study, accompanied by midrashic texts where appropriate. They allow you to teach about a specific part of K'tuvim or about a set of texts. Just pick the lessons that fit your curriculum.

The Song of Songs is a book of Tanakh found in Ketuvim. It is also one of the five books that are called megillot (scrolls). Each megillah is read on a particular holiday; we read the Song of Songs during Pesah. The Song of Songs is a book of love poetry. Most of it is a dialogue between two lovers.
There are five lessons in the Write Stuff Series

  • Esther
  • Job 
  • Ruth 
  • Ecclsiastes 
  • Song of Songs 
  • Teacher Guide

*When you purchase this lesson, you will receive a link to download it. Make as many copies as you need for your school and only your school. Downloaded materials are not returnable.

Teacher Guide not included.

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Write Stuff: Song of Songs

$15.50 USD

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