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Window To Yesterday The Torchbearer

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Written by: Jeff Lefkowitz
Grades: 6 - Adult

Publisher: Mazo Publishers

Window To Yesterday The Torchbearer

It is the eve of the First Crusade. Young David lives in the land once called Israel, now ruled by Muslims. He rebels from his shackled destiny and seeks adventure and freedom -- but at what cost? Brilliant Rebecca and Rabbi Elazar have found a haven in the idyllic German lands, where Judaism blossoms. Then comes the fateful November cry for revenge… With love and laughter, courage and betrayal, they step into war.


The Torchbearer brings to life the two Jewish worlds in Palestine under Muslim rule and in the Rhineland (Ashkenaz) contemporaneous with Rashi and the First Crusade. A romantic adventure with pirates, Torah scholars, German royalty, and war, The Torchbearer is based on extensive research from the Cairo geniza and scholars of medieval Jewish life. The story delves into life as a dhimmi, the development of Jewish law – including women’s rights and one’s obligation to look out for others – and Crusader massacres. At the book’s end, the modern protagonist struggles with a Covid-related Jewish ethical issue that hearkens back to the First Crusade.  

“The Torchbearer is a beautiful entrée into the fascinating and often astonishing world of Jewish life during the Middle Ages. Jews traveled more than most other communities, spoke many languages, and served invaluable roles in both the Christian and Muslim worlds. This book brings this universe to life in all its complexity through an engaging narrative with adventure, surprise, and intrigue.”

Dr. Reuven Firestone, Regenstein Professor in Medieval Judaism and Islam at Hebrew Union College and Affiliate Professor of Religion at the University of Southern California

“Ever wonder what life was like for a Jewish kid during the First Crusade? Well, now you can find out! Weaving in a tremendous amount of research, Jeff Lefkowitz has created a living world that spans both the Muslim and Ashkenazi lands … What a fabulous addition to the Jewish educational landscape.”



 Dr. Rachel Lerner, Dean, Graduate Center for Jewish Education, American Jewish University

“Once again, Jeff Lefkowitz lights the way for teens toward a deeper understanding of Jewish life and history. The Torchbearer, his latest addition to the Window to Yesterday series, is a well-researched, relevant, and marvelous journey. Truly fun to read.”

Dr. Bruce Powell, Head Emeritus, de Toledo High School and co-author of Raising A+ Human Beings

“I definitely recommend this book! Teenagers and adults alike will enjoy David’s journey. The story unfolds through the eyes of young characters; teenagers will cheer for them and truly connect with them.” 


Carolyn Kessler, senior at The Emery/Weiner School, Houston, Texas

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Window To Yesterday The Torchbearer

$14.95 USD
$11.95 USD

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