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Think Prophets: Rahav

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Grades: 6-Adult        Enrich your biblical instruction with Think Prophets, a versatile 14-lesson series that allows you to curate a customized curriculum aligned with your teaching objectives. Explore the profound messages of "The Prophets" at your own pace, selecting the lessons that best resonate with your students and learning goals.

This lesson delves into the Book of Joshua, exploring its message and content while delving into the overarching theme of God's active presence in history and unexpected places. The lesson intentionally leaves open the question of authorship, inviting students to consider whether the Book was written directly by God, inspired by God, or compiled by an editorial council. This exploration encourages critical thinking and a deeper appreciation of the Book's message. Throughout the lesson, students will examine how the Book of Joshua highlights God's presence in seemingly mundane or unlikely situations. They will discover how God guides the Israelites through their conquests, demonstrating divine power and influence throughout history. This exploration challenges conventional notions of God's presence and invites students to recognize God's Wirken (action) in the everyday.

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Teacher Guide not included.

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Think Prophets: Rahav

$15.50 USD

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