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T’fillati—Making Prayer Mine: Barekhu

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Grades: 4–6       T’fillati-Making Prayer Mine is a new way to help students look at personal meaning in individual prayers. While it is an important goal for learners to be able to decode liturgy and fully participate in a worship service, it is equally or even more important for worshippers to connect with the meaning of each prayer.

T’fillati-Making Prayer Mine guides students to explore personal connections to the central ideas of prayers and Torah and Midrash to help them forge connections with the words of our liturgy.   

Students using T'fillati will have the opportunity to

  • find ways to manifest Jewish values
  • explore the concept of “brit.”
  • connect the choreography of the prayers with personal meaning
  • consider the notion that God has always helped us and will continue to help us 
  • examine the apparent contrast between the Oneness of God and acknowledging that everyone will have different ideas about God
  • create new versions of liturgy
  • record conversations with God

T'fillati Barkhu explores the idea of Barkhu as an “invitation” to prayer and the “call and response” nature of the prayer. Students consider the connection between “blessing” and “knees” and how it reminds us that we bend our knees and bow when we say the Barekhu. Students further focus on the power of ten for a minyan and community building.

Each lesson is sold in packs of five copies per title.

T'fillati lessons include the following prayers:

  1. T'fillati: Barekhu 
  2. T'fillati: Shema
  3. T'fillati: V'ahvata
  4. T'fillati: Mi Khamokha
  5. T'fillati: Avot V'Imahot
  6. T'fillati: Gevurot 
  7. T'fillati: K'dushah 
  8. T'fillati: Torah Blessings
  9. T'fillati: Ahavah Rabbah/ ahavat
  10. T'fillati: Yotzer Or / Ma'ariv Aravim
  11. T'fillati: Sim Shalom/Shalom Rav
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T’fillati—Making Prayer Mine: Barekhu

$10.95 USD

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