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Stories We Pray

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Every prayer has a story. When the rabbis of the Talmud wanted to explain what a prayer means, they told the story of the first time a prayer was said. They would root each prayer in the spiritual history of major Jewish figures. 

Knowing these stories gives us a sense of what each prayer should mean to us. By speaking of famous moments that were human breakthroughs with God, we get to look at our relationship with God.

In this book, Joel Lurie Grishaver introduces almost every prayer in the siddur and stories that root the prayer in the heart. Here is an original way of looking at the liturgy and unfolding the meaning to be found there. Are you a rabbi, an educator, a camp person, a youth group leader, or a Jew who wants to find prayer meaningful?

Here is a book you need that will expand your resources and understanding.

Stories We Pray provides Insights into the Inner-Work of Jewish Worship

  • Stories (and informative background information) for almost every prayer in the weekday and Shabbat siddur.
  • Perfect for teachers of prayer, rabbis, cantors, service leaders, junior congregation facilitators, and camp educators looking to infuse worship with a sense of meaning and wonder.
  • Matches perfectly with stories in S’fatai Tiftah, Journeys Through the Siddur, and Pirkei T’filah.
  • Appropriate for Reform, Conservative, Reconstructionist, modern Orthodox, and non-denominational settings.
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Stories We Pray

$24.95 USD

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