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Shanah Tovah Student Pack

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Grades: 1-2      Twenty-two full-color lessons with full-color stickers. 

The student pack is only sold in sets for five students. So, when you order one student pack, you will receive all 25 stories and stickers for five students.

Student packs must be ordered in multiples of 5. 
Please order sets only in these quantities: 5,10,15,20,25,30, etc.

Shanah Tovah Lessons: A Gateway to Jewish Learning and Celebration Shanah Tovah lessons offer a unique and engaging gateway to Jewish learning and celebration. With twenty-two customizable four-page lessons, teachers can guide students through the Jewish year, exploring the rich tapestry of holidays, synagogue and home rituals, and cherished traditions.

Each lesson introduces critical vocabulary and concepts, bringing them to life through hands-on activities, meaningful experiences, and thoughtful reflection. Students will immerse themselves in the vibrant world of Jewish culture, from the sweet sounds of the Rosh Hashanah shofar to the delicious aromas of Hanukkah latkes to the festive joy of Purim costumes.
Shanah Tovah's lessons foster a deep connection to Jewish identity and heritage as students learn about the holidays and rituals that have shaped Jewish life for centuries.

This is the complete set of Shanah Tovah and includes five copies of each of the twenty-two lessons.

The student pack is only sold in sets for five students. So when you order one student pack, you will be sent all 25 stories and stickers for five students.

You must order student sets in multiple of 5 students.

Rosh ha-Shanah Yom Kippur Sukkot Simhat Torah
Mishpahah Beit Knesset Sefer Torah Syn. People
Erev Shabbat Yom Shabbat Motzei Shabbat Tikkun Olam
Hanukkah Story Hanukkah Celebration Mezuzah Tu B'Shvat
Purim Story Purim Celebration Passover Story Passover Celebration
Israel Shavuot

The Shanah Tovah Teacher’s Guide includes lesson background and activities. It integrates seamlessly with the Now I Know My Alef-Bet pre-primer.

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Shanah Tovah Student Pack

$22.95 USD

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