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Sarah's Solo

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Written by Tracy Brown

Illustrated by Paula Wegman
Ages: 3-11
Publisher: Kalaniot Books

Sarah must miss her ballet solo to go to her cousin’s wedding. Her disappointment leads to delight when Sarah gets caught up in the hypnotic music and dance of her family’s Jewish tradition.

“It’s so unfair!” When Sarah, a young ballerina, must miss the solo performance that she has worked so hard to perfect, she is understandably disappointed. But as she explores some of the Jewish customs at her cousin’s wedding she begins to realize how much her own culture’s traditions have to offer. Although not the delicate melodies of classical music and elegant movements of ballet, the hypnotic rhythms of the klezmer band and the energetic steps of the hora still transports her--and the reader--to a magical world. 




  • The beauty of Jewish wedding traditions are highlighted here in a child-friendly package.
  • This story spotlights the thrill of music and movement young dancers will recognize.
  • All children can relate to the disappointment and loss of control in today’s busy family schedules.


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Sarah's Solo

$14.95 USD

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