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Praying With Our Feet: Feeding the Hungry

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    Grades 6-8         Praying with Our Feet deals with world issues based on Jewish values and helps students find ways to be part of the solution. Each lesson provides an introduction that roots the subject in Jewish values and thought. The lessons goes on to delve into the background of the issue as seen in the world. Students work on their own to research organizations that provide aid and find ways they can create projects that allow them to contribute to the solution. Praying with Our Feet was written to become the perfect vehicle for Jewish service learning and project-based learning.

    The Praying With Our Feet series includes the following materials:

    • Praying With Our Feet: Clean Water
    • Praying With Our Feet: Feeding the Hungry
    • Praying With Our Feet: Freeing the Slaves
    • Praying With Our Feet: Ending Homelessness

    The Praying With Our Feet: Feeding the Hungry lesson offers students an opportunity to delve into the difficult topic of feeding the hungry. Judaism has fought a continual battle against hunger. Starting in the Bible, Jewish farmers always left part of their fields for the poor to harvest for themselves. The Jewish idea of hospitality started out by having people who needed food over for meals. While studying the lesson, students will be challenged to use Jewish tradition to combat the problem of hunger.

    *When you purchase this lesson, you will be provided with a link to download the lesson. Make as many copies of this lesson as you need for your school and only your school. Materials that are downloaded are not returnable

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      Praying With Our Feet: Feeding the Hungry

      $15.50 USD

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