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Pirkei T’fillah: Havdalah

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Grades: 4-7     Pirkei T’fillah is designed to teach prayer mastery and meaning. The series takes students through the major sections of Shabbat evening and morning services—from Barekhu through the concluding prayers—Havdalah, Shabbat, and everyday brakhot. 

This booklet introduces Havdalah. Students translate the key brakhot from the Havdalah ceremony.

Pirkei T’fillah will teach prayer mastery and meaning and enable students to successfully achieve four major goals:

  • To perform basic prayers: This is an essential skill for any Jewish student. Pirkei T'fillah will teach students how to pray the major prayers of Judaism, such as the Amidah, Kaddish, and Aleinu.
  • To develop a generalized understanding: Pirkei T'fillah will help students to understand the meaning and significance of the prayers they are praying. This will help them to connect with the prayers on a deeper level.
  • To explore personal meaning: Pirkei T'fillah will encourage students to explore the personal meaning of the prayers for them. This will help them to develop a deeper relationship with God and with Judaism.
  • To understand how Hebrew is constructed: Pirkei T'fillah will also help students understand how Hebrew is constructed. This will be helpful for students who are learning Hebrew as a second language.

Pirkei T’fillah highlights the liturgy from the Traditional, Conservative, Reform, and Reconstructionist movements’ siddurim.

The forty different Pirkei T’fillah booklets can be used in any order. They offer you the flexibility to design your prayer curriculum to meet the needs of your school. 

Each lesson is sold in a package of five copies (booklets) per title.


Modeh Ani/ Mah Tovu
Yatzar/Elohai N’shamah
Birkhot ha-Torah
Nissim b’Khol Yom
Barukh She’Amar
Psalm 150
Nishmat Kol Hai
L’Kha Dodi
Yotzer Or/Maariv Aravim
Ahavah Rabbah/Ahavat Olam
Mi Khamokha
Avot v’Imahot
Birkat Hoda’ah
Birkhot Shalom
Beginning the Torah Service
Ark is Opened Taking the Torah Out
Torah Blessings
Haftarah Blessings
V’Zot ha-Torah
Kaddish Yatom
Ein K’Eloheinu/Adon Olam
Shabbat Brakhot
Birkat ha-Mazon
Meet the Brakhah Formula
Food Brakhot

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Pirkei T’fillah: Havdalah

$12.50 USD

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