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Pirkei T'fillah: Barukh She-amar

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Grades: 4-7     Pirkei T’fillah is designed to teach prayer mastery and meaning. The series takes students though the major sections of Shabbat evening and morning services—from Barekhu through the concluding prayers—Havdalah, Shabbat, and everyday brakhot. 

Pirkei T’fillah will teach prayer mastery and meaning and enable students to successfully achieve four major goals:

  • to perform basic prayers
  • to develop a generalized understanding
  • to explore personal meaning.
  • to understand how Hebrew is constructed

Pirkei T’fillah highlights the liturgy from the Traditional, Conservative, Reform and Reconstructionist movements’ siddurim.

The forty different Pirkei T’fillah booklets can be used in any order. They offer you the flexibility to design your prayer curriculum to meet the needs of your school. 

This booklet introduces Barukh She-amar .

Each lesson is sold in a package of five copies (booklets) per title.

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Pirkei T'fillah: Barukh She-amar

$12.50 USD

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