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Likro u'Livarekh: Print

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Grades 3-6    Here is a book with these pieces: (1) An accelerated and advanced Hebrew primer, (2) materials on spoken Hebrew vocabulary and phrases, and (3) materials on Hebrew blessings. Put it together and you have a perfect second-year primer, 

Lidro u'Livarekh is also a quick way to get new students up to speed. This is the kind of primer that gives your students a second pass at the alef-bet and teaches them more at the same time.

Likro u’Livarekh includes the following elements.

  • Hebrew key words with visual cuing.
  • Research-based introduction of the letters, vowels, and sounding patterns.
  • Visual prompting that reinforces directionality.
  • An emphasis on Siddur words, phases, and the performance of short prayers.
  • An introduction to modern Hebrew and basic conversation.
  • Study of key brakhot
  • A teacher’s guide that has been carefully engineered to both provide maximal support and to allow for total creativity.
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Likro u'Livarekh: Print

$13.95 USD

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