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Journeys Through the Alef (Aleph) Bet

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Grades: 2-3       Journeys Through the Aleph Bet is a new Hebrew pre-primer designed for second and third-grade students. The course aims to develop Hebrew letter recognition skills and begin blending sounds. Each lesson of Journeys Through the Aleph Bet includes the following elements:
  •  Letter recognition: This is an essential skill for developing reading fluency.
  •  Blending sounds: This is a crucial skill for learning how to read and pronounce Hebrew words.
  • Vocabulary: Students will learn important Hebrew words that they can use in their daily lives.
  • Letter discrimination will help students identify and differentiate between different Hebrew letters.
  • Handwriting: Students will practice writing the new Hebrew letter they are learning.
  •  Letter searches: This is a fun and engaging way for students to practice identifying and recognizing Hebrew letters in real-life situations.
  •  Vowels: Students will be introduced to Hebrew vowels, which are essential for reading and pronouncing Hebrew words correctly.
Journeys Through the Aleph Bet is an excellent program for students who are just beginning to learn Hebrew.
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Journeys Through the Alef (Aleph) Bet

$16.95 USD

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