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Jewish Holidays: Passover

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Product description

Grades: 2-3
Each 32 page full color Holiday book offer age-appropriate text for grades 2–3 students. Each book highlights a Jewish holiday and includes the symbols and practices for celebrating the holiday, activities, recipes, and a one-page guide for parents.   

Jewish Holidays: Passover highlights the items on the Seder plate, and walks students through the fifteen steps of the Seder. The 32-page booklet includes recipes for making matzah, haroset, and maror. Also included are the Four Questions in Hebrew and English, puzzles, fun activities, and a resource for parents.

The Holidays covered are

  • High Holidays
  • Sukkot & Simhat Torah
  • Hanukkah
  • Purim
  • Passover
  • Sabbat
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      Jewish Holidays: Passover

      $3.95 USD

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