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History of Israel: Five Aliyot

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Grades: 6-Adult      The History of Israel Series is a resource for teaching about the evolution, development, and history of the State of Israel. Each History of Israel lesson offers students an opportunity to study a period in time, an event, a person, or a situation facing Israel.

There are twelve History of Israel lessons on the following topics.

  1. Balfour Declaration
  2. David Ben Gurion
  3. Birth of Israel
  4. Five Aliyot
  5. Theodor Herzl
  6. Kibbutz
  7. Rav Kook
  8. Land of Jews From All Over the World
  9. Golda Meir
  10. The Six-Day War
  11. Henrietta Szold
  12. The West Bank
  13. Teacher's Guide

The History of Israel: Five Aliyot lesson offers students an opportunity to focus on the waves of immigration that came between 1880, when European immigration back to Palestine began, and the 1930s, when the last of the Jews who managed to escape Europe before World War II came. Each of these olim (immigrants) has his or her own story, but in each case, there were also common reasons pushing them to leave where they had been, and there were common beliefs pulling them toward the Land of Israel.  

*When you purchase this lesson, you will be provided with a link to download the lesson. Make as many copies of this lesson as you need for your school and only your school. Materials that are downloaded are not returnable.

A teacher guide is not included. 

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    History of Israel: Five Aliyot

    $15.50 USD

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