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Content of Their Character: Erekh Apayim (Slow to Anger)

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Grades: 6-Adult      Content of Their Character lessons offer students a definition and text study of Jewish values with practical applications. Each of these lesson folders contains material for three to four forty-five-minute classroom sessions. 

There are the materials in the Content of Their Character series

  • Anavah: Humility
  • Derekh Eretz
  • Erekh Apayim: Slow To Anger
  • Hevruta: Friendship
  • Kabed et Avikha v'et Imekha: Honoring Parents
  • Pikuah Nefesh
  • Rodef Shalom
  • Shmirat ha-Lashon
  • Tikkun Olam
  • Tokhehah: Rebuke
  • T'shuvah
  • Tza'ar Ba'alei Hayyim: Being Kind to Animals
  • Tzedakah
  • V'Ahavta L'Re'ekha K'Mokha: Love your Neighbor as Yourself
  • Content of Their Character Teacher's Guide

The Content of their Character: Erekh Apayim lesson offers students an opportunity to study the Jewish value of erekh apayim (being slow to anger). Through a combination of texts and cases, this lesson allows students to explore the idea that while anger is natural, it is also dangerous and that we must learn to control our anger.

    *When you purchase this lesson, you will be provided with a link to download the lesson. Make as many copies of this lesson as you need for your school and only your school. Materials that are downloaded are not returnable.

    The Teacher guide is not included.

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      Content of Their Character: Erekh Apayim (Slow to Anger)

      $15.50 USD

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