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Body Ethics: Randy's Navel Piercing

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Grades 8-12      Body Ethics lessons are designed to address the issues teens are confronting from a Jewish perspective. Body Ethics lessons tackle issues of sex, modesty, piercings and tattoos, body image, eating, and suicide. 

There are Body Ethics lessons on the topics below.

  1. Abortion
  2. Acquaintance Rape
  3. C.P.R.
  4. Drugs and Alcohol
  5. Eating Disorders
  6. Genetic Testing
  7. Hooking Up
  8. Modesty
  9. Prevention is a Mitzvah: Safer Sex
  10. Randy's Navel Piercing
  11. Suicide
  12. Torture
  13. Vegetarianism
  14. Body Ethics Teacher's Guide

The Body Ethics: Randy's Navel Piercing lesson offers students a chance to look at a variety of modern issues, including health and safety, body mutilation, modesty, piercings, tattooing, and more. 

 *When you purchase this lesson, you will receive a link to download it. Make as many copies of this lesson as you need for your school and only your school. Downloaded materials are not returnable.

The Teacher's Guide is not included.

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Body Ethics: Randy's Navel Piercing

$15.50 USD

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