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BJL Synagogue: Inside the Synagogue

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Grades: 1-3  BJL Synagogue lessons offer students an opportunity to look at the synagogue as a dynamic place. Its central focus is the model of the synagogue as a beit tefillah (a house of prayer), a beit midrash (a house of study), and a beit k’nesset (a house of gathering).

The eight BJL Synagogue lessons are

  • What is a Synagogue?
  • Who are the People in a Synagogue?
  • Beit Tefillah
  • Beit K’nesset
  • Beit Midrash
  • God is Everywhere
  • Inside the Synagogue
  • The Torah
  • BJL Synagogue Teacher Guide

The BJL Synagogue: Inside the Synagogue lesson offers students an opportunity to learn about the items in the sanctuary—the aron ha-kodesh, the ner tamid, and the bimah. Students will explore the special meaning of each item and the way they connect us to God.

When you purchase this lesson, you will receive a link to download it. Make as many copies as you need for your school and only your school. Downloaded materials are not returnable.

Teacher Guide not included.

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BJL Synagogue: Inside the Synagogue

$15.50 USD

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