Introducing Eizehu Gibor

Heroes are important for two reasons. First, they give students powerful examples of how to live a life richly informed by Jewish vales. Second, they connect students to Jewish peoplehood, allowing them to take pride in the accomplishments of important Jews throughout history.

Eizehu Gibor: Living Jewish Values is a new way to bring Jewish heroes and the values they stand for into your classroom. It is a values text for our time, about being a person worthy of emulation. It’s about knowing how to do the right thing, how to make a contribution to the world, and how to be a mensch, and how to live up to being created in God’s image.

Designed for fifth and sixth graders, Eizehu Gibor: Living Jewish Values adds new names to the pantheon of Jewish heroes, presents texts from the Jewish tradition as well as the heroes’ own words, and challenges students to think about how they can live up to the examples set by real role-models.

Did you know that Natalie Portman isn’t just a Jewish actress, but also a tzedakah hero? How can Debbie Friedman and Craig Taubman help us to sing praise to God by finding our own voices? What’s Jewish about owning a football team? These questions are at the heart of Eizehu Gibor: Living Jewish Values, and they can be at the heart of your students’ classroom, too.

Eizehu Gibor: Living Jewish Values will begin shipping in July. But right now you can check out sample chapters and pre-order by clicking here.