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Whole School Remembrance 2: Empathy

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Grades 2–3     The Whole-School Remembrance lessons make up a spiral curriculum, in which each lesson focuses on a different aspect of the Jewish holiday, value, or key subject. Whole School Remembrance lessons are built around a matrix that allows students to have a unique experience each year.

  • Grade 1–2: Respect
  • Grade 2–3: Empathy
  • Grade 3–4: Upstanders
  • Grade 4–5: The Shoah
  • Grade 5–6: Being a Witness
  • Grade 6–7: Jan Karski
  • Grade 7–8: Genocide
  • Teacher Guide

The Whole-School Remembrance 2 lesson helps students understand the importance of having empathy towards others and to want to help people in need in whatever way they can. This lesson can be used as part of a curriculum on the holocaust or Shoah. 

When you purchase this lesson, you will be provided with a link to download the lesson. Make as many copies of this lesson as you need for your school and only your school. Materials that are downloaded are not returnable.

Teacher's guide is not included.

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Whole School Remembrance 2: Empathy

$15.50 USD

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