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Now I Know My Alef Bet

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Grades: 1-2      Embark on a vibrant journey through the Hebrew alphabet with Now I Know My Alef-Bet, a captivating program designed to ignite young minds and cultivate a love for the language.

Each week, a new adventure unfolds:
    • Eye-catching photos: Discover a key Hebrew word, vibrant and engaging, introducing the letter of the week.
    • Coloring magic: Bring the Hebrew letter to life with vibrant hues, personalizing your learning experience.
    • Real-world connections: Learn everyday Hebrew words through relatable photographs, building vocabulary in a natural way.
    • Tracing the path: Master the letter's form through guided tracing, solidifying your understanding.
    • Discrimination detective: Put your skills to the test by identifying the correct letter, honing your visual perception.
    • Creative spark: Unleash your imagination with a fun activity, letting your understanding shine through uniquely.

More than just learning letters, Now I Know My Alef-Bet fosters:
    • Early literacy skills: Develop foundational reading and writing skills in Hebrew.
    • Cultural awareness: Gain insights into Jewish traditions and vocabulary.
    • Creativity and self-expression: Explore the language through colorful activities and imaginative projects.

Now I Know My Alef-Bet is the perfect key to unlock the wonders of the Hebrew language. Join the journey and watch as your young learner embarks on a path of joyful discovery!
Each Now I Know My Alef-Bet is for one student and contains folders covering the 22 initial letters. Essential Tools include a Teacher’s Guide and Vocabulary Posters.
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Now I Know My Alef Bet

$16.95 USD

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