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Child's Garden of Torah Teacher Guide

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Grades: Pre-K-K   A Child's Garden of Torah sticker lessons are a great way to introduce young children to the major stories of the Torah. Each lesson includes a simple retelling of a Torah story and full-color stickers.

The lessons are designed for children in Pre-K-K, but older children can also enjoy them. The stories are short and easy to understand, and the stickers are fun and engaging.

The lessons cover all of the major Torah stories, from Creation to the Exodus from Egypt to the giving of the Torah. Children will learn about the creation of the world, the story of Noah's Ark, the story of Abraham and Isaac, the story of Moses and the Exodus, and many more.


The twenty-five stories that make up A Child's Garden of Torah are

 Creation The Garden Cain & Abel
The Flood The Tower Abram, Sarai & Family
Sarah Laughs Sodom Goes Boom Rebekkah Really Cares
Battling Brothers Jacob's Dream Israel's Family
The Wrestling Match Joseph: The Favorite Joseph Goes to Jail
Jacob Comes to Egypt Baby Moses The Burning Bush
Blood, Frogs, Lice... Miriam's Song Ten Commandments
The Golden Calf Gods Lives...Middle of,,, Moses Hits the Rock
The Families Enter...
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Child's Garden of Torah Teacher Guide

$9.95 USD

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