The Duct Tape Tallit! (Yes, you can!)

Janie GrackinRabbi Janie Grackin

A few years ago, Rabbi David Goldstein gave a Rosh ha-Shanah sermon about duct tape. With duct tape, you are prepared for everything life can throw at you. Of course, I think he was really talking about God here.

Some of you will understand when I say that I do a lot of problem solving and creating in my dreams. One night I had a really strange experience. I dreamed that I made a tallit from duct tape, so when I woke up, I went to Michael’s and bought two types of duct tape (now available in more than 24 different colors and prints). I went home and created this:

Grackin Duct Tape Tallit 2I had two Tallit Workshops coming up and decided to pitch this idea to teens, and my eighth grade students loved it! The Rabbi from one synagogue thought it was brilliant, another Education Director wasn’t so sure, but decided to go for it anyway.

Grackin Duct tape tallitWe started the project with the new Torah Aura Tallit Kits. The tallit is a great quality bamboo cotton and comes complete with tzitzit and self-stores in a Ziploc bag. We had on hand about 24 rolls of Duct Tape (silver, gold, purple, pink, black, zebra, leopard, flames, tie-dye, etc.)

Here’s how it works:

Grackin Duct Tape Tallit

  1. The best way to work with Duct Tape is by using geometric patterns. Rip and tear is, by far, the most gratifying method.
  2. Tape can be layered to create different designs and you can use templates, and then cut them out with SHARP scissors. (Keep rubbing alcohol on hand to wipe down the blades from excess adhesive.)
  3. Iron everything! This is the MOST IMPORTANT part of your project in order to protect your design. With iron on medium heat and using a pressing cloth between the iron and the tallit, press all design areas paying particular attention to corners and edges. Then, flip it over and iron the reverse side so that the adhesive will bond with the fabric.
  4. The last thing is to tie your tzitzit (traditional fringes), say “She-he-heyanu” (a blessing for new experiences), and make it a “Kodak moment”!

What You Need:

  • Torah Aura Tallit Kit (1 per person)
  • Asst. Duct Tape (can be purchased online or at Michael’s or Target)
  • Scissors
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • 2 Irons 2 Ironing Boards
  • 2 Pressing Cloths (or linen dish towel)

Time: 3 hours

(Tallit Workshops facilitated by Rabbi Janie Grackin at Temple Judea (Palm Beach Gardens, FL., and Temple Shaarei Shalom, Boynton Beach, FL.)

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