Introducing BJL Lifecycle

bjllifecycle.jpgWe’re proud to introduce you to BJL Lifecycle, a set of folders that make studying lifecycle moments and practices easier for students to embrace.

Because different schools teach lifecycle in different grades, just the right resource is needed for students in each grade level. The Circle of Jewish Life, our newest lifecycle book, is perfect for grades 4-6. But when you want to teach lifecycle to second and third graders, BJL Lifecycle is the perfect choice.

A set of eight folders, BJL Lifecycle looks at vocabulary, ritual, and meaning behind birth rituals, Torah rituals, b’nai mitzvah, Jewish family life, marriage, old age, and death. They can be used in any order with any starting point, making them the most flexible and effective lifecycle materials on the market.

Each unit introduces the key vocabulary, basic concepts, and provides a story about that stage in Jewish development. It is the perfect resource for younger students. The folders unfold eight major lifecycle events using stories and hands-on activities. They utilize simple explanations and family involvement, and in doing so, students study the moments in life that connect us to our families, the Jewish people, and God.