New Posters Now Available

Two weeks ago we got a call from an educator asking if it was possible to get posters for each of the values in Eizehu Gibor. We talked about it and decided it was a good idea.

Now available are a complete set of 16 values posters—one from each chapter of Eizehu Gibor. Each full-color poster is 12×18 inches. You can see the posters and get more information at Eizehu Gibor Posters will be $34.00.

Once we got started, we couldn’t stop. Also available is a set of Artzeinu Posters featuring the ten cities and regions highlighted in the text. The Artzeinu Posters are 18×12 inches and are suitable for posting or framing. You can get more information and see them at

Artzeinu Posters will be $24.00.

For a limited time only, you can purchase the Eizehu Gibor Posters for $28.00, and the Artzeinu Posters for $18.20. Place your order on the web and enter the coupon code Pv98r. If you are placing the order over the phone at 800-689-0793, just let our staff know that you have coupon code Pv98r.

This coupon is good until August 20, 2011.