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Yisrael Sheli: My Israel People and Places

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    Grades: 2-4           Yisrael Sheli lets you tell your students two different stories about Israel. The first is the story of the people who created the State of Israel. The second is the story of the places in the Land of Israel. As we tour the land of Israel, we learn about the stories that created Israel. What's it like to travel to Israel with the people who built her? Ben Gurion leads the tour at Sde Boker, his kibbutz. Rachel (the Poetess) reads her poems on the shores of the Kinneret. Joshua leads us across the Jordan river, and Josephus tells the story of Masada.


    In the cobblestone streets of Tzfat, Isaac Luria gives a lesson on mysticism, while Ilan Ramon points our eyes to the stars from his balcony in Beersheva. This is the Israel trip you and your students have always dreamed of! Yisrael Sheli brings Israel alive by fusing the adventure of a visit to the Jewish homeland with the adventures of those who shaped Israel, the people, and the place. 

    The book is filled with discussion questions and activities that make it exciting and easy to teach. 

    Each chapter in Yisrael Sheli connects a place to a person 

    Chapter Place Person
    1 Israel Abraham and Sarah
    2 The Negev Jacob
    3 Sde Boker David Ben Gurion
    4 Beersheva Ilan Ramon
    5 Eilat King Solomon
    6 Masada Josephus
    7 Ein Gedi King David
    8 Jerusalem: Old City Moshe Dayan
    9 The Kotel Ezra
    10 Jerusalem: New City Teddy Kollek
    11 Mount Herzl Theodor Herzl
    12 The Knesset Rachel Bluwstein
    13 Midrahov Elizer Ben Yehudah
    14 Yad Vashem Hannah Szenez
    15 Modi'in Judah Maccabee
    16 The Jordan River Joshua
    17 The Galil Deborah
    18 Tsipori Rabbi Yehudah ha-Nasi
    19 T'veria Rabbi Moses Ben Maimon
    20 Kibbutzim Berl Katznelson
    21 The Kinneret Rachel Bluwstein
    22 Tzfat Rabbi Isaac Luria
    23 Haifa Elijah
    24 Zikhron Ya'akov Edmond James De Rothschild
    25 Tel Aviv Menahem Sheinkin
    26 Independence Hall Meir Dizengoff
    27 Kikar Rabin Yitzhak Rabin
    28 Rehov Sheinkin Evan


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