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Whole School Sukkot 4: The Four Species

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  • Grades: 4-5 The Whole-School Holiday lessons make up a spiral curriculum, in which each lesson focuses on a different aspect of Jewish holiday, value, or key subject. With some exceptions, Whole School Holiday lessons are built around a matrix that allows students to have an unique experience each year.

    • Grade 1-2: Sukkot Symbols
    • Grade 3-3: Three Stories for Sukkot
    • Grade 3-4: Our First Sukkah
    • Grade 4-5: The Four Species
    • Grade 5-6: Harvest Food
    • Grade 6-7: Ushpizin
    • Grade 7-8: The Deeper Meaning
    • Teacher Guide

    Along with the Sukkah, the "four kinds" that make up the Lula are an integral part of the holiday celebration. They are more than just ritual objects; they have their meaning from the past. The ritual of shaking the Lula and Etrog may seem pagan, but their roots are in a time when agriculture was a big part of the community. In this lesson we are going to learn more about these objects. In addition, we are going to learn about the holiday prayers we say during this holiday.

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