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Whole School Shabbat Teacher Guide

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  • The Whole-School Holiday lessons make up a spiral curriculum, in which each lesson focuses on a different aspect of Jewish holiday, value, or key subject. With some exceptions, Whole School Holiday lessons are built around a matrix that allows students to have an unique experience each year.

    This is the Teacher Guide to all seven Shabbat lessons.

    • Grade 1–2: Symbols of Shabbat
    • Grade 2–3: Shabbat-The Story of Creation
    • Grade 3–4: Two Shabbat stories
    • Grade 4–5: Shabbat Table Service
    • Grade 5–6: Shabbat Foods
    • Grade 6–7: The Art of Havdalah
    • Grade 7–8: Halakkah & Aggadah of Shabbat
    • Teacher's Guide

    When you purchase this guide you will be provided with a link to download the the guide which includes the guides to all the Whole School Shabbat lessons. Make as many copies as you need for your school and only your school.

    Materials that are downloaded are not returnable.