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Tiyulim: Journeys a Hebrew Primer

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    That Replaces the Home Workbook

    Grades: 3-4    Tiyulim is a fun and engaging way to learn Hebrew! This book takes students on a journey through the land of Israel while teaching them the basics of the Hebrew language.

    Tiyulim helps students to connect with Hebrew in a meaningful way while also exploring the richness of Israeli culture and history. 

    With 24 lessons, Tiyulim is perfect for students in grades 3-4. Each lesson includes a story, a vocabulary word, and a fun activity. The stories are based on real places in Israel, and they will help students to learn about the history and culture of the country.

    Words introduced are all essential Hebrew words that come from our Jewish life vocabulary, and they are introduced in a way that is easy for students to understand. The activities are designed to help students to practice what they have learned, and they are a great way to make learning Hebrew fun.

    Additional Resources

    • Tiyulim @ Home Review App offers review exercises, including a recording of the students reading emailed to their teachers. Tiyulim @ Home app is available on iPad, Android, and Kindle tablets.
    • The class Workbook is filled with additional drill activities and writing exercises.
    • Flashcards, Vocabulary Posters, Teacher's Guide—flashcards, wall posters, vocabulary posters, and a detailed and extensive teacher's guide—everything a teacher could want.
    • Separate writing and printing of Classroom Workbooks allow schools to choose the modality.
    • Twenty-four 45-minute lessons
    • Hebrew keywords with visual cueing.
    • Research-based introduction of the letters, vowels, and sound patterns.
    • Visual prompting that reinforces directionality.
    • An emphasis on Siddur words, phrases, and the performance of short prayers.
    • Periodic visits to Israel that connect Hebrew to Israel.

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