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Tiyulim: Journeys a Hebrew Primer

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    That Replaces the Home Workbook

    Grade: 3-4    Tiyulim means “journeys.” Tiyulim takes students on a journey toward mastering Hebrew decoding skills and on a tiyul through the state of Israel. Students will learn to decode Hebrew in only twenty-four lessons. Perfect for classes that meet one or two days a week. Tiyulim offers these resources:

    • Tiyulim @ Home Review App offers review exercises, including a recording of the students reading emailed to their teachers. Tiyulim @ Home app is available on iPad, Android, and Kindle tablets.
    • Class Workbook is filled with additional drill activities and writing exercises.
    • Flashcards, Vocabulary Posters, Teacher's Guide—flashcards, wall posters, vocabulary posters, and a detailed and extensive teacher's guide—everything a teacher could want.
    • Twenty-four 45-minute lessons
    • Hebrew key words with visual cueing.
    • Research-based introduction of the letters, vowels, and sounding patterns.
    • Visual prompting that reinforces directionality.
    • An emphasis on Siddur words, phrases, and the performance of short prayers.
    • Separate writing and printing Classroom Workbooks allow schools to choose the modality.
    • These workbooks add additional decoding and discrimination activities to enrich the textbook.
    • Periodic visits to Israel that connect Hebrew to Israel.
    • A teacher's guide that has been carefully engineered to both provide maximal support and to allow for total creativity.

    Beginning Hebrew


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