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The Torah: Portion-by-Portion

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  • Author: Seymour Rossel

    Grades:6-Adult       Bring Torah text and modern commentary to your pre-and post-bar mitzvah students. Each chapter covers one weekly portion, featuring:

    • Torah text in gender-sensitive translations “Quotes to Remember” in Hebrew and English
    • Interactive discussion questions in each portion
    • Graphs, charts, maps, and photographs of the realia of archaeological and biblical criticism
    • A synopsis of the Haftarah for each portion and the traditional reason it was chosen
    • Wide-ranging comments from Talmud, Midrash, Rashi, and other traditional commentators set side-by-side with comments from modern Bible scholars from Cassuto and Leibowitz to Peli and Sarna, set side-by-side with evidence from archaeology, linguistics, Egyptology, and a dozen other sciences that have been applied to the study of Torah over the last two centuries.
    • Incorporation of the best educational techniques from design, values education, and modern modeling.

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