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Product Name QTY Remaining
Tallit 25 X 72 White Without Atarah 50+
Tallit 25 X 72 Cream With Atarah 30
Tallit 25 X 72 Cream Without Atarah 35
Tallit 25 X 72 White With Atarah 34
Tallit 40 X 75 White With Atarah 8
Tallit Bag Cream 25
Tallit Bag White 40
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  • Support Materials
  • Our gorgeous Tallit Kits made from 100% cotton. The kit gives students everything they need to design their own wearable tallit.

    We give you a pre-hemmed prayer shawl, complete with reinforced corners and holes for attaching tzitzit, a fabric square for practicing decoration, pre-measured (and ready to use!) tzitzit cord. 

    Our Tallit is available in the following sizes and options. 

    Use the dropdown above to select the Tallit you want

    • 25 x 75 Inch white.
    • 20 x 75 inch white with atarah.
    • 25 x 75 inch cream
    • 25 x 75 inch cream with atarah
    • 50 x70  inch white with atarah
    • Cream Bag
    • White Bag

    Do not forget the Tallit Copy Pack

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