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Soft Seder Set

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Age: 3+  This Plush Seder Set Includes 7 Pieces: 1 Soft Seder Plate, 1 Soft Egg, 1 Soft Shank Bone, 1 Soft Maror, 1 Soft Apple For Charoset, 1 Soft Potato For Karpas, 1 Soft Lettuce For Chazeret

The K'ARAH (Seder Plate), the focal point of the Seder, contains 6 symbolic foods:,.

  1. Z'ROAH (shank bone) represents the Paschal lamb eaten o Passover during the era of the Great Temple.
  2. CHAROSET (a mixture of crushed fruit, nuts, and wine) is a reminder of the mortar used in the building of the Pyramids.
  3. BEITZAH (egg) is symbolized by the cycle of life
  4. MAROR (bitter herb) is symbolic of the bitterness of slavery in Egypt.
  5. KARPAS (vegetable), such as parsley or potato is dipped in salt water. The salt water reminds us of the tears of the enslaved Jews.
  6. Chazert (lettuce) is an additional bitter herb.

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