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Shanah Tovah Student Pack

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    Grades: 1-2      Shanah Tovah is a new way of teaching holidays in grades 1–2. Shanah Tovah lessons provide the foundation for learning, celebrating and experiencing Jewish holidays, the synagogue and home, and synagogue rituals. Individual four-page lessons allow you to customize learning and connect to the holiday cycle. Each lesson introduces the vocabulary, practices, and meaning, and adds the experiences and reflection to make the subject come alive.

    Shanah Tovah lessons are available as a pack of all twenty-two lessons. Included are one hundred and twenty-five full-color stickers.

    The twenty-two lessons include:

    1. Rosh ha-Shanah
    2. Yom Kippur
    3. Sukkot
    4. Simhat Torah
    5. Mishpahah
    6. Beit Knesset
    7. The Torah
    8. People in the Synagogue
    9. Erev Shabbat
    10. Yom Shabbat
    11. Motzei Shabbat
    12. Havdalah
    13. Tikkun Olam
    14. The Hanukkah Story
    15.  Hanukkah Celebration
    16. The Mezuzah
    17. Tu B'Shvat
    18. The Purim Story
    19. Purim Celebration
    20. The Passover Story
    21. Passover Celebration
    22. Seven Weeks of Remembrance

    Shavuot Shanah Tovah lessons are available as a student pack of all twenty-two lessons and one hundred and twenty-five full-color stickers.

    The Shanah Tovah Teacher's Guide includes lesson background and activities. It integrates seamlessly with Now I Know My Alef-Bet pre-primer.