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S'fatai Tiftah: Siddur Mastery & Meaning Volume 3

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    Grades: 5-6     S'fatai Tiftah: Mastery & Meaning is a three-volume series designed to teach prayer mastery and meaning. The three volumes take students through the major sections of a Shabbat morning service—from Barekhu through the concluding prayers.

    S'fatai Tiftah has been designed to teach prayer mastery and meaning and to enable students to successfully achieve four major goals:

    • to perform basic prayers.
    • to develop a generalized understanding.
    • to explore personal meaning.
    • to understand how Hebrew is constructed.

      Each prayer has:

      • An introduction that sets the prayer's theme and locates it in the service.
      • A drill text and translation that is a source for the unit.
      • Key roots that build a language connection.
      • Practice in sounding out keywords and phrases to help build fluency.
      • The opportunity to translate a short portion of the prayer that builds a further language connection.
      • A story that offers an insight into the prayer's spiritual meaning.

        Each volume is supported by a collection of materials.

        • Home Workbook allows students to drill and reinforce class at home with a website that supports the Home Workbook.
        • Classroom Workbook filled with additional activities and drill opportunities.
        • Page-for-page Teacher's Guide with insights, background, and activities.
        • Vocabulary Posters and Flashcards to work with the language elements in this curriculum.

        S'fatai Tiftah, Volume 3 covers:

        1. Beginning the Torah Service
        2. Opening the Ark
        3. Taking the Torah Out of the Ark
        4. Torah Blessings
        5. Mi She-Berakh
        6. Haftarah Blessing
        7. Ashrei
        8. Returning the Torah to the Ark
        9. Ein K'Eloheinu
        10. Aleinu
        11. Kaddish
        12. Adon Olam
        13. Havdallah

        Complementary Materials