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Ot la-Ba'ot A Better Hebrew Primer Parent Introduction

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  • There are many things that parents can do to enable your child’s great success at learning to read Hebrew. Here are a few of them. 

    1. Make your study of Hebrew a fixed practice. Develop a pattern of regular study. Find time or times in the week where working together will be part of your weekly rituals. 

    2. Make Hebrew part of your household. Find a place to display each of the letters that are learned. This could be with Hebrew magnets on your refrigerator or hanging on a pipe cleaner mobile in your child’s room. However you do it, make the mastery of each and every letter another milestone.

     3. Use Hebrew words. This resource booklet is filled with the vocabulary that your student will be learning. When your child learns the names of the utensils on a table, call the utensils on the table by those names. You can even begin to fill the house with Hebrew labels for common objects. 

    4. Find chances to say or read Hebrew prayers together. The more you go to services, the more you say Shabbat blessings and sing Shabbat songs, the more reality all of this learning will have, and the greater will be the mastery of your child.

    5. Most of all, make Hebrew important in your own life. Hebrew needs to become a family value. Use Hebrew you know. Commit to learning more alongside your child. Hebrew is only worth learning if it will continue. You have the ability to demonstrate that Hebrew is life long. Especially if you are starting or restarting now, you have the power to teach a great lesson.

    The parent introduction is a 16-page booklet that introduces parents to Ot la-Ba'ot and the Hebrew words that their children will be learning.

    *When you purchase this you will be provided with a link to download the parent introduction. Make as many copies of this lesson as you need for your school and only your school. Materials that are downloaded are not returnable.