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Ot la-Ba'ot A Better Hebrew Primer (Print Edition)

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    That Replaces the Home Workbook

    Grades: 3-4    Ot la-Ba'ot A Better Hebrew Primer, our innovative primer, teaches Hebrew decoding skills by maintaining and building an active Jewish and modern Hebrew vocabulary. Using Ot la-Ba'ot in class and the Ot la-Ba'ot Home Workbook at home, students will have all the tools to be successful Hebrew readers. Ot la-Ba'ot is a full-color 174-page book. Also available: Ot la-Ba'ot Home Workbook in print or script, a teacher's guide, 240 flashcards, vocabulary posters, letter flashcards, a training video, and a parent introduction. Ot La-Ba'ot: A Better Hebrew Primer offers students and teachers a variety of learning modalities and skill-building opportunities. Key features include: 

    • Hebrew Key Words. Each letter is introduced with three to five Hebrew keywords that come from the vocabulary of Jewish life. These words include Torah, Hallah, Shofar, and Etrog; connecting basic Jewish literacy to Hebrew acquisition.
    • Daber Ivrit Ten oral language units build a connection between Hebrew and Eretz Yisrael.
    • Siddur Words. Throughout the book are Siddur Words exercises, which become mechanical reading practice using key pieces from the prayerbook and the Haggadah.
    • Mahir Stories. Ot la-Ba'ot is hosted by a bilingual dog named Mahir who tells us the story of Eliezer Ben Yehudah, the father of the modern Hebrew language. Students learn the story of the rebirth of the Hebrew Language and about its importance to the Jewish people.
    • Fun Exercises.Ot la-Ba'ot is filled with races, puzzles, and games. The book is carefully paced, alternating mechanical reading exercises with fun things to do.

    Ot la-Ba'ot offers these essential resources:

    • Home Workbook.Ot la-Ba'ot has been designed with its own home workbook. Each class lesson is paired with a two-sided page to be completed at home and returned to the classroom. Each exercise, which should take no more than 15 minutes, can be completed by parents and children together and enable parents (even those who have not learned to read Hebrew previously) to be successful.
    • Parent Introduction. This sixteen-page booklet for parents includes a full vocabulary list, a Hebrew letter chart, and a short introduction to help parents understand how best to help their children with the homework assignments.
    • Essential Tools—Flashcards, Posters, Teacher's Guide, and Training Video. Ot la-Ba'ot has been carefully engineered to both provide maximal support and to allow for total creativity. The book has been carefully paced for two varied forty-five-minute teaching blocks a week. There are flashcards, posters, activities, and resources—everything a teacher could want. A detailed and extensive teacher's guide, enhanced by a training video, makes objectives and opportunities clear.

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