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Journeys: Shabbat Morning

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    Grades: 3-7     Journeys Through the Siddur is our one-day-a-week prayer track. Each volume has twenty-two to twenty-four lessons, making it easy to complete. The lessons have a clear and overt learning structure, making lessons simple to use.

    The Home Workbook and websites facilitate ongoing drills and mastery during the long week when no other reinforcement is possible. Journeys Through the Siddur is a series of four volumes organized by the time of the prayer service. 

    In four volumes your students will study prayers from the Evening, Morning, Torah Service & Concluding prayers, and home Brakhot.

    Each prayer comes with:

    • An introduction that sets the prayer's theme and locates it in the structure of the Siddur.
    • A drill text and translation that is a source for the unit.
    • Key roots that build a language connection.
    • Practice in sounding out keywords and phrases to help build fluency.
    • The opportunity to translate a short portion of the prayer builds a further language connection.
    • A story that offers an insight into the prayer's spiritual meaning.

      Each volume is supported by a collection of materials.

      • PrayerTech online
      • A page-for-page Teacher's Guide with insights, background, and activities.
      • A Classroom Workbook filled with additional activities and drill opportunities.
      • Vocabulary Posters and Flashcards to work with the language elements in this curriculum.

      Shabbat morning service prayers included are

      1. Barekhu
      2. Yotzer Or
      3. Ahavah Rabbah
      4. Shema
      5. V'Ahavta
      6. Mi Khamokha
      7. Adonai S'fatai Tiftah
      8. Avot v'Imahot
      9. G'vurot
      10. K'dushah
      11. K'dushat ha-Yom shel Shabbat
      12. Birkat Hoda'ah
      13. Sim Shalom
      14. Oseh Shalom

      Complementary Materials