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How to Raise Jewish Children Even When You're Not Jewish Yourself

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  • The Jewish Outreach Institute Handbook for Parents of Other Religious Backgrounds in a Jewish Intermarriage It is hard to run a Jewish household when you have no training. It is even harder when you feel that you don’t belong. The book, grown out of years of working with intermarried families who want a connection to Jewish life, makes the process of involvement simple. It goes step by step through Jewish holidays and practices.

    Explaining these practices and customs clearly, speaking honestly (and with examples) on issues involved with being a non-Jew involved in Jewish life, and providing lots of options, this is the book that helps to open up the code of Jewish living.

    Rabbi Olitzky and Paul Golin work for the Jewish Outreach Institute. They have worked with thousands of intermarried families, and they bring their knowledge and their insight to this book. This work holds the hand of intermarried Jewish families and walks them through the maze of activities and connections needed to raise a Jewish child. Chapters range from “Passover” to “Joining a Synagogue;” from “Spirituality” to “Bar and Bat Mitzvah.”