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Eizehu Gibor: Living Jewish Values

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  • Grades: 7-8    Eizehu Gibor empowers your students to live Jewish values is essential. For Jews it is about being a person worthy of emulation. It’s about knowing how to do the right thing, how to make a contribution to the world, and how to be a mensch, and how to live up to being created in God’s image.

    We live in a world where kids need heroes. They need them because values are best learned from people who live them. They need them because there is a shortage of values in the world in which they live.

     Eizehu Gibor: starts with values and then lets Jewish role models tell their own stories of living those values. Read Albert Einstein’s own words on being a humble person, and listen to Rabbi Harold Schulweis’ sermon about why we have an obligation to fix the world. This is also a book about telling the stories of Jewish heroes whose stories are worth knowing but are seldom told. Your students can be inspired by the story of Regina Jonas, the world’s first woman rabbi, who struggled to teach about living a Jewish life during the holocaust. 

    How can Debbie Friedman and Craig Taubman help us to sing praise to God by finding our own voices? What’s Jewish about owning a football team? These questions are at the heart of Eizehu Gibor: Living Jewish Values, and they can be at the heart of your students’ classroom, too.

    Eizehu Gibor

    • Teaches Jewish values through the lives of real heroes who live them.
    • Challenge students to apply Jewish values in their own lives.

     Eizehu Gibor teachesthe following values

    Value Role Model
    Tikkun Olam Rabbi Harold Schulweis and Janice Kaminer Reznick
    Shimirat ha-Tevah David Ben-Gurion and Kibbutz Lotan
    Shmirat ha-Guf The Maccabiah Games and Lenny Krayzelburg
    Rodef Shalom Yitzhak Rabbin and The Four Chaplains
    Zikaron Elie Wiesel and Dov Noy
    Kol Yisrael Averim Zeh ba-Zeh Robert & Myra Kraft and Gershom Sizomu
    Tzionut Theodor Herzl and Golda Meir
    Ometz Lev Regina Jonas and Rabbi Leo Baeck
    Tzedek Tzedek Tirdof Justice Louis Brandeis and Abraham Joshua Heschel
    T'shuvah Mark Borovitz and John Paul II
    Anavah Albert Einstein and Moses
    Shiru l'Adonai Debbie Friedman and Craig Taubman
    Kiddush ha-Shem Hannah Szenes and Hank Greenberg
    Pikuah Nefesh Henrietta Szold and Jonas Salk
    Tzedakah Danny Siegel and Natalie Portman
    Talmud Torah Rebecca Gratz and Nehama Leibowitz