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Child's Garden of Torah Student Pack

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Here is a simple price chart to help you determine your per student pricing.

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$90.00$18.00 Each Student
Buy 10 for 10 Students$170.00$17.00 Each Student
Buy 15 for 15 Students$250.00$16.60 Each Student
Buy 20 for 20 Students$325.00$16.25 Each Student
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  • Grades: Pre-K-K

    Twenty-five individual stories from the Torah. Each story comes with full-color stickers. Beginning with the Creation of the world and ending with Moses' death, the twenty-five A Child's Garden of Torah sticker lessons cover the all the major stories.

    Each Child's Garden of Torah Student Set contains one package of each of the twenty-five lessons, enough for five students. The price for the Student Set is based on a single student. You must purchase the student sets in multiples of five.

    The twenty-five stories that make up A Child's Garden of Torah student set

     CreationThe GardenCain & Abel
    The FloodThe TowerAbram, Sarai & Family
    Sarah LaughsSodom Goes BoomRebekkah Really Cares
    Battling BrothersJacob's DreamIsrael's Family
    The Wrestling MatchJoseph: The FavoriteJoseph Goes to Jail
    Jacob Comes to EgyptBaby MosesThe Burning Bush
    Blood, Frogs, Lice...Miriam's SongTen Commandments
    The Golden CalfGod Lives In the Middle of...Moses Hits the Rock
    The Families Enter...