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Child's Garden of Torah Student Set

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Here is a simple price chart to help you determine your per student pricing.

Buy 5 for 5 Students
$90.00$18.00 Each Student
Buy 10 for 10 Students$170.00$17.00 Each Student
Buy 15 for 15 Students$250.00$16.60 Each Student
Buy 20 for 20 Students$325.00$16.25 Each Student
Buy 25 for 25 Students$395.00$15.80 Each Student
Buy 30 for 30 Students$465.00$15.50 Each Student
Buy 35 for 35 Students$525.00$15.00 Each Student
Buy 40 for 40 Students$595.00$15.00 Each Student
Buy 45 for 45 Students$675.00$15.00 Each Student

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  • Grades: Pre-K-K

    Twenty five individual stories from the Torah. Each story comes with full-color stickers. Beginning with the Creation of the world and ending with Moses’ death, the twenty-five A Child’s Garden of Torah sticker lessons cover the all the major stories.

    Each Child's Garden of Torah Student Set contains one package of each of the twently-five lessons, enough for five students. The price for the Student Set is based on a single student. You must purchase the student sets in multiples of five.

    The twenty five stories that make up A Child's Garden of Torah student set

     CreationThe GardenCain & Abel
    The FloodThe TowerAbram, Sarai & Family
    Sarah LaughsSodom Goes BoomRebekkah Really Cares
    Battling BrothersJacob's DreamIsrael's Family
    The Wrestling MatchJoseph: The FavoriteJoseph Goes to Jail
    Jacob Comes to EgyptBaby MosesThe Burning Bush
    Blood, Frogs,Lice...Miriam's SongTen Commandments
    The Golden CalfGod Lives In the Middle of,,,Moses Hits the Rock
    The Families Enter...