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BJL Beginnings

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Grades: Pre-K-K     The BJL Beginnings series combines the discovery and exploration of Jewish holidays, the Jewish home, synagogue, and the family with Hebrew reading readiness in twenty-four full-color student folders and eight parent folders. BJL: Beginnings is the perfect foundation for the beginning of Jewish learning.

Consider it for either kindergarten or first grade. It introduces students to the celebratory aspects of home, family, synagogue, and community. It talks about God. It matches each of these celebrations to a Hebrew letter via a keyword. In addition, parents are invited into this process through a series of send-home folders that enable family celebration.

Teachers will love this material because the folders provide a consistent platform for instruction while allowing for maximum teacher individuality and creativity. The full-color folders suggest the joy and beauty of Jewish life, inviting student and family involvement and participation.

BJL Beginnings includes twenty-four student lessons and eight family/home lessons BJL Beginnings includes the following:  

  1. Beginnings@Home
  2. Rosh ha-Shanah—SHIN (Shofar)
  3. Yom Kippur—TET (Tallit)
  4. Sukkot—LAMED (Lulav)
  5. Simhat Torah— DALET (Degel)
  6. Sefer Torah—TAV (Torah)
  7. Beit K'nesset—KAF (Kippah)
  8. Shabbat—NUN (Nerot)
  9. Shabbat@Home,
  10. Havdalah—HEY (Havdalah)
  11. God
  12. God@Home
  13. Saying the Shema—ALEF (Ehad)
  14. Mezuzah—MEM (Mezuzah)
  15. Hanukkah—Het (Hanukkiyah)
  16. Hanukkah@Home
  17. Ha-Motzi/Birkat ha-Mazon—BET (Brakhah)
  18. Tzedakah—TZADE (Tzedakah)
  19. Tu B'shvat—AYIN (Eitz)
  20. Jews Around the World—KUF (Kehillah)
  21. Lifetime of Study—RESH (Rav)
  22. Purim—VAV (Vashti)
  23. Purim@Home
  24. Passover—SAMEKH (Seder)
  25. Passover@Home
  26. Israel—YUD (Yerushalayim)
  27. Being a Mensch—GIMEL (Gimlut Hasadim)
  28. Family Values@Home
  29. Mitzvah—PEY (Pri)
  30. Shavuot—ZAYIN (Z'man)
  31. Jewish Calendar
  32. Summer@Home
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