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Amazing History of the Jews

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Download and use this sample chapter with your students to ensure that this is the right text for you.

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  • Author: Chaya Burstein

    Grades: 5-7               All of Jewish history in a graphic novel! The Amazing History of the Jews offers engaging drawings and a simple (funny) text to make this historical summary both easy and enjoyable.

    • Engaging and funny drawings and simple and amusing text create an enjoyable way to explore Jewish history
    • Introduces familiar and unfamiliar Jewish events and people, building Jewish literacy
    • Complete history from Adam and Eve to the present.

      This book both gives you a great overview of Jewish history with all the major names and major events—and it is fun. But, Chaya Burstein's book turns history into an amazing story. Here is everything needed for basic Jewish literacy. Included is all the information you want to know—and in an exciting, hip, package. Chaya starts with Adam and Eve, fight with the Maccabees, suffers under Herod, and spends Shabbat with Maimonides. Then the story continues. Jewish history is a major foundation of Jewish literacy.

      It is one of the gifts you want to give children for the rest of their lives. This comic book history makes that gift possible.

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