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Aleph Bet Adventure Board Game

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  • Ages: 3+   
    • Aleph Bet Adventure is a board game that helps teach the Hebrew alphabet. 
    • The game is for 2-4 players and is suitable for ages 3 and up.
    •  It builds skills such as letter recognition and initial sounds.
    • The game is similar to Candy Land, with a pathway of colorful blocks and Hebrew letters.

    What happens if?

    You draw a color card: Move your game piece down the trail and stop at the first matching color space you reach. No, moving backward, only forwards.

    You draw an alphabet picture card: Find the corresponding letter on the colorful path and start moving! If you're next to the cow at the piano and you pick up the treasure card, then get ready to say see ya later to the cow, because you're going all the way back to the treasure by the letter Aleph.

    Now let's say you're close to the king and you pick the train card. Start your engine going because you're movin' forward all the way to the train by the letter Reish.

    You land on the letter Koof with the star: You're so lucky! You get to slide down the rainbow until you get to the end of the rainbow at the purple space.

    You land on the letter Ayin with the star: We hope that you enjoyed flying your kite. But since your kite got stuck in the tree, you have to lose one tum to help get your kite out of the tree.

    You land on a space already occupied: Get ready to jump one space ahead. Look at your friend who you just passed and say "You're too slow, Mo!"

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