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Alef Celebrations: Beit Knesset 02

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  • Alef Celebrations is no longer available and has been replaced by Shanah Tovah.

    You can find the Shanah Tovah lesson by clicking here.

    Grades 1–2 Twenty-four full-color sticker lessons. jewish holidays, synagogue, family, god, and values. Alef Celebration Lessons introduce the vocabulary, practices, and meaning of a major Jewish celebration, home, family, or synagogue ritual. The lessons provide set induction, core vocabulary, drill activity, and closure for each lesson. Most lessons contain a read-aloud introduction, vocabulary stickers, and an interactive exercise.

    Alef Celebration Lessons are available as individual lessons by subject (12 copies per package). These lessons may be used in any order to conform to the Jewish calendar or the flow of your school year.