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Middot: A Stairway of Virtues

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Download and use this sample chapter with your students to ensure that this is the right text for you.

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  • Grades: 8-12         A middah is a Jewish value. This book by Ron Isaac is an “old school” text book. No fancy graphics, no busy work exercises, etc. It has chapters with introductions, stories, texts, and questions to discuss.

    Three to five pages are presented per value and twenty-five values are presented all together. This is a perfect classroom resource, teacher resource, or curricular foundation. It has everything you need to teach Jewish values to middle school, high school students, or adults.

    Topics include: Humility/Anavah; Repentance/T’shuvah; Friendship/Yedidut; Hospitality/Hakhnasat Orhim; Leadership/Hanhagah; Charity/Tzedakah; Peace/Shalom; A Good Name/Shem Tov; Honor/Kavod; Wealth/Osher; Taking Care of the Body/Shmirat ha-Guf; Compassion/Rahamim; Not Coveting/Lo Tahmod; Using Good Words/Leshon ha-Tov; Industriousness/Melakhah; Not Embarrassing/Lo Levayesh; Being Pleasant/Sayver Panim Yafot; Reverence for God/Yirat ha-El; Trustworthiness/Emunah.